Stay fashionably chill

Stay fashionably chill


Throw some shade

Shades are a must for any jet-setter. Take a pair on road trips to shield your eyes from the glaring sun or use it as a clever cover up for when youve partied too hard the night before. This pair is perfect for putting on a poker face while maintaining a hint of mystery. But do watch out, someone might take you for an undercover Bond girl!

Stay in bloom

You can never go wrong with a bold floral ensemble. The print is infinitely instagrammable because it works to liven up most backgrounds. Style this red, hot top it with jean shorts and a straw hat or with a glossy, pleated skirt--- we guarantee you’ll find so many occasions to whip this out of your closet!

All white all right

Nothing says easy and crisp more than all-white ensemble. It looks just right on a spontaneous boat trip, a hot date downtown or for a Sirtaki dance in the alleys of an old Greek town. You can’t go wrong with this white number, just make sure you keep it looking pristine whatever you decide to do!